Learners Permit


Prior to taking your written tests at DPS to obtain your CLP (commercial learner’s permit) you must:

  1. Obtain a DOT Physical and drug screen

  2. STUDY the CDL handbook (download below)

You will need to study the following: 

Special Requirements Texas Rules - Chapter 14

General Knowledge - Chapters 1,2 & 3

Air Brakes - Chapter 5

Combinations - Chapters 6 & 7

(Test at local DPS, must pass all 4 to receive CLP)

Download the following apps to help you study: dmv genie, cdl prep

You will pay $25 for your CLP at DPS

You will have 3 chances for each test. If you get through the first 3 tests and fail the 4th test 3 times you will have to start all the way over. You may take one test a day if you wish, or you can take them all the same day, whichever you prefer.