Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What all do I need before I can come to school?

A: All students must posses a class c drivers license (car license) and you are required to obtain a DOT physical and drug screen. You will present your DOT card to DPS before taking your tests for your learners permit.

Q: Do I have to have my learners permit before coming to school?

A: Although it is not required, it would be in your best interest so that you do not have to miss class time going to DPS to test. If you do not have your learners permit before class starts, you may begin without it and we expect you to obtain it within your first week of class, during the classroom instruction time.

Q: What happens if I have to miss a day of school?

A: Because our program is only 20 days long we expect students to be present every day. We know things come up and you may have to miss a day or two. In that case we would bring you in on the weekend to make it up so that you do not fall behind.

Q: What if I want to train and test on an automatic truck?

A: If you insist on training and testing with an automatic, just know that you will have an automatic restriction on your license. If you ever want this restriction lifted you will have take the driving test again on a manual truck.

Q: What if I have driven before and feel as if I wouldn’t need the full 4 weeks?

A: We do offer 3-5 day and 2-3 week refresher courses. Give us a call for more information.

Q: What will I do for my meals and lodging?

A. All of our locations are in town, very close to fast food restaurants, Walmart and several hotels. We have a break room equipped with refrigerators, microwaves and snack/drink machines. If you need lodging, we can set that up for you. Please call us to discuss details.

Q: Where will I take my CDL driving test when the course is over?

A: We have 3rd party testers who work for ATDS but were trained by DPS. They are located in Killeen. After passing with them, you will go to any Texas DPS and tell them you were 3rd party tested and they will print your CDL license for you.